The 8 Deadly Sins

"Sin" is not a misdeed that will get you sent to the flaming pits of hell, but something to avoid to make both your life and the lives of people around you, enjoyable. They are something to be avoided, but you should not punish yourself for these mistakes. Simply apologize, forgive yourself, and move on in life as a better person.

1. Greed

I start with greed because I believe that it's something too many people in this world struggle with. Greed isn't just about wealth, it can apply to many things. Physical resources like food or water, or intangible resources like power or attention. Greed is synonymous with selfishness, and a lack of care for those around you. You must learn to pay attention to the needs of others.

2. Envy

Perhaps the biggest sin that I struggle with. Envy is like a leech, draining your joy over the possessions of others. This bleeds into the category of greed, but envy is more than just wanting something. It's the malice or jealousy, or overall negative emotion felt towards the person of interest. These emotions are not constructive towards a healthy relationship with anyone, be it a friend or lover. You must learn to accept that everyone has different attributes or possessions, and fretting over the differences from person to person will only drive you mad.

3. Acedia

While deep in a depressive episode, it can be easy to lay in your bed and rot for hours. But not only are you actively hurting yourself by doing this, but you could also very well be hurting those around you. They have to deal with your absence or be the ones to coax you out of your gloom. This is not a sin to punish yourself over, but rather to be aware that you are hurting more than just yourself. People may rely on you, and you should be there to assist them. However, you should not ignore your own needs. This leads to the next sin;

4. Hyperaltruism

Being selfless or altruistic in moderation is not a sin. You should always take the needs of others into account, but forgetting to take your own needs into account can be detrimental to your health. This one is very straightforward; Remember that you're only human. (Or chiropteran.) Do not neglect yourself.

5. Wrath

It is normal to be upset, that's what emotions are for. But as a society, we cannot take it out on each other. We must learn to rid ourselves of anger, and learn to forgive. Even if you believe you are in the right, the only way to put yourself in the moral right is to forgive and move on. It is especially sinful to feel the wrath that leads you to want to hurt a person or group of people. We must treat each other as we would treat ourselves, if not even better. Be kind.

6. Hypocrisy

This is extremely straightforward. You shall not profess beliefs, feelings, or virtues you do not hold or possess. It is deceitful and malicious. A failure to follow your own set of morals. What good would they do if they aren't being used? Do not present yourself as false.

7. Ego

It is normal, and healthy, to take pride in yourself, but you mustn't let your self-image become inflated with snootiness. Supremacism, the idea that you are "above" any one other person, is silly and misguided. Remember the golden rule.

8. Puppetry

For lack of a better term, puppetry is the act of controlling someone or bending someone to your will. As stated by the Satanic Temple, "One's body is inviolable, subject to one's own will alone. The freedoms of others should be respected, including the freedom to offend. To willfully and unjustly encroach upon the freedoms of another is to forgo one's own." Whether you believe in free will or not, some sort of "will" still exists. This is not yours for the taking.

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