23L00 a game is when a guy is on a screen

couple days ago i saw a game jam on itch[1] and thought it would be fun to join. the rules were super lax, all you had to do was just make a game.

=> [1] GAMES MADE QVIICK??? HD Remix Jam

so i thought i could use this as motivation to finish one of my many projects that never got the justice they deserve. I looked through my desktop and saw one project that suddenly really resonated with me. It was the zygote of a game inspired by a dream I had, about a game called FAROUT. The game in the dream was visually similar to GoNNER, and was more like a "go as fast as you can" type game. One extremely important detail, was that the game took place entirely within a series of 2D cave systems.

So far, I had used cellular automata to create some blocky 2D caves. That's really it. I still didn't know what I wanted to do with the rest of the game, so I just started adding shit. Player movement, camera lerping, terrain destruction, random sfx, etc.

It all just kinda came together. one of the few times I didn't have a struggle trying to complete a game, but I think making it exlusively 1-bit black and white helped, because then I wasn't hit by a need for an artist. That's the reason for demotivation like 90% of the time, is that I can't make art for it.

Anyway, I finished it. It's pretty simple. I remember reading something about how more game devs need to stop trying to make the biggest games ever, and just make some little minigame type things. That's what I did. I kept it short and simple. I also tried to keep it pretty small, but... ehhh 3mb isnt *too* bad.

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