23K04 the beach that makes you old

okay so i've got a lot of stuff to talk about but I know i'm going to have trouble elaborating on concepts if I just braindump here. So i'll just wrote about one thing, and then I can write about the other stuff tomorrow. That way I can also get the satisfaction of publishing more frequent logs!

I'm currently rewriting this website/capsule. I think i've devised a way to

=> its called 7redsuns
named after the iterator from Rain World. my friend suggested it after I told them my server's hostname was looks2themoon.

The way i've got this set up in my brain right now, is that all the page content is written and stored as gemtext. Gemini/Spartan requests will be served the gemtext as-is, obviously. HTTP requests will convert the gemtext to html, using a template document that has the stylesheet and stuff. Easy!

My only concern is the images on my site. They don't work very well over gemini, but I suppose I could use a client-side script to replace certain elements with images. That way links/lynx users don't need to deal with them.

For a while I've been using nano + a folder of gemtext files to manage stuff like todo lists, writing drafts, and log posts like this one. This is kind of a pain, especially when I'm on my phone. However with this new system, I could easily use Lagrange's "Edit Page with Titan" function to just manage everything with a nice UI too! I kinda wish Lagrange had a better editor though.

Another issue with Lagrange, is that bookmarks/subscribed pages don't get synced to other devices. Not that i'd expect them to, but I would be able to use the smolnet more if my bookmarks were on my phone. LUCKILY I can just add a build-in feed aggregator so all my subscriptions are accessible from ANY device! And bookmarks can be handled with Nytpu's super cool Lasso service.

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