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So I made yet ANOTHER gemini server.


Its like neo/geocities but on gemini. Offers free gemini hosting. Made it for the yesterweb community, and it's being utilized! Feels pretty good to have your project be appreciated.

Currently it only uses webDAV to transfer and edit files, but I'm working on a file manager within the website that uses the titan protocol, a sister protocol of gemini. Node.js does not seem to want to cooperate with large chunks of tls data -_-

Also finally set up amphipod on a proper server

Find some cool links here!

Don't know how or when it'll break, but it will. At least I'll be able to debug it then. As for now, it works!

This post has been sitting in my drafts for a few days, and yet this is still the only thing I can report on.

Check this out!

Astrobotany is a neat little site I found on geminispace that challenges you to take care of a digital plant, kind of like a tamagotchi. It's pretty nice honestly, and it puts you in a community garden with everyone else!

I also got a very interesting email from someone.

I guess they didn't appreciate that I did their mom. They use blind children as their reasoning for me to change the caption (which i should do) but do blind children really use gemini? Am I a "bigot" for saying that? Genuinely curious.

anyway, you should sign up on yestercities :>

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