Summer Sickness

All this repetition really flares with my condition, to a point of no return, it's an internal sunburn, sunburn

I've done a lot since my last post, but my sense of time is really bad and I don't actually know what those things areā€¦

One thing I know for sure, is that I made a fantasy console! I think it's considered a fantasy console? I mean, it's a console that is imaginary. I made it up. But it's not like PICO-8 where everything is packaged together neatly. Instead it's more like an emulator for a fictional CPU that functions similar to how CPUs do not function.

It's called FLC16, which stands for Funny Little Computer 16 (it uses 16 bit memory addresses) and it uses "disks" which contain bytecode for the emulator to interpret.

The "official" website is here(dead link)

Demo game

I hosted a game jam for it, but I ended up being the only person to submit a game lol. Oh well, maybe one day someone else will make something for it. I'm pretty proud of it though. It's my first Rust application, and it actually runs quite well methinks.

I also finally got my pwnagotchi working. He's cool :) but I have yet to take him anywhere since theres no battery.

look at him

I bit the bullet and installed Fedora on my PC. No more valorant. I hate that game anyway. Sucks that I can't play Dead by Daylight now though, I wish behavior games would FIX THEIR ANTICHEAT

and, as much as I like bspwm, it's kind of annoying at times. Might switch to something else like awesomewm?

Thats all I can think of for now.

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