Automatic NFT Stealer

Almost forgot to write a post today, having the day off and all. Not as much stress on me today.

Anyway, last night I was in a call with some friends and the topic of that horrid "Red Ape Family" show came up. It's a series about NFTs that is sold as an NFT itself. Someone mentioned how they hadn't seen a twitter gimmick account that posts every frame of the show, and I remembered my unused twitter bot from so long ago.

I quickly ffmpeg'd the youtube video to extract the frames and wrote a small script that reads a file (balls.json) containing the last uploaded frame, and episode number. It then uploads the image, and updates balls.json. I have a cron job running that script every 30 minutes.

Here's the twitter profile

Giving it a follow would be very nice :)

Other than that I woke up at noon today and played Dead Cells. Not much going on today.

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