Nothing exciting has been happening lately. I've been playing lots of video games. I think the constant stress from school was the thing that actually excited me to work on techy projects.

However, today I was suddenly stricken with the urge to pick up an old 3D "dungeon crawler" I had made and turn it into a procedurally-generated art gallery similar to Secret Habitat by Strangethink.

Each floor is created Rogue-style (kinda) by first creating a few rooms (30) and then connecting them all via an L-shaped hallway.

The player starts by falling through an open hole in the ceiling, and then navigates their way to a hole in the floor. Jumping into the hole causes the process to repeat.

But it's not an art gallery without art, right? So I made a few different art generation algorithms. The first one is Langton's Ant. A kind of cellular automata that has an "ant" moving along and flipping cells, then turning either left or right depending on the color of the cell that it is standing on.

Next, 3 variations of randomly plotted shapes. An "algorithm" I made years ago as a child, dubbed "eggs" (I don't know why I named it that)

After that, an algorithm I made to imitate the github profile icons (but with more colors),,, it's not that special but I think it's the prettiest.

Finally, a cave-like cellular automata algorithm. Starts with a grid of random cells, either 1 or 0. Then it applies 15 steps of:

You can download the game here

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