Beetles in Pennsylvania 39

The other day I had the idea to use a bip39 mnemonic seed in a poem. It would be the perfect place to hide it, right? But you'd have to be a really good poet in order to make it make sense.

No one would know which words to use other than you, and you can hide it in plain sight! No need to worry about others seeing it, and you can use something like to make sure you don't lose it. And since bip39 produces a seed rather than a single key, you could use the seed for all your keys! I don't really know if that's a security risk or not…

Due to my terrible creative writing, I will not be attempting this.

An update on FLC16… I don't know if I'm happy with the way it turned out. It operates like a computer designed by someone who vaguely understands how computers work. I was thinking of just scrapping it, and building from scratch, PROPERLY emulating the way a CPU works. But even if I do, that's for another time. Right now I'm really focused on toki pona.

lipu ku arrived in the mail the other day, and reading through it really boosted my will to learn this language. I'm starting to remember the words more as I speak, but forming sentences still takes a lot of effort.

mi pali e sitelen musi

I also set up a radio!

It's just a web radio right now, but I DID get a small car FM transmitter that I gave death surgery to last night. I scanned around and it seems that 90.3 mhz is unoccupied for a very far distance, so I'll shove it in my raspberry pi and try to broadcast around here a little. Not enough to get arrested though. Hopefully.

It's a scosche FMT7, which apparently uses the headphone jack as the antennae? HOWEVER I read a blog post about the FMT4 that says you can shove your own antennae in the negative battery terminal to use as the output instead. I don't know if it'll work, but I guess I'll find out.

Had one of my radio nerd friends explain some things to me, and radios are just fucking BIZARRE bro. Like why does the length of the antennae even matter??

I genuinely went my whole life thinking that electromagnetic radiation was just physical particles moving through the air in a single direction like a 3d raycast. And apparently, I wasn't entirely wrong? But I was also very wrong at the same time. Some quantum mechanic bullshit about the dual slit experiment. I guess it's like a combination of a magnetic field AND particles.

Anyway uhhhhhhh listen to STOMACH BOOK

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