The Yesterweb

I recently discovered my people.

This is exactly what I was writing about in a previous log post. It's a community dedicated to the user-created web!! They even have a webring!

Anyway, while chatting with them today the topic of gemini came up. Someone asked if it were possible to use webrings on gemini, to which I came up with a non-scripted solution. I built something called Gemring, and it's a webring master server for gemini (obviously.)

Gemring's Guthub Page

It's written in Node.js (cringe) BUT while writing it I made certain that I did not use any modules. It's pure vanilla Node.

Basically, it just redirects people to the previous/random/next site in the webring, instead of linking it from the page itself. Nothing too hacky.

I thought I would get more writing out of that but eh.

You should make a website… NOW!

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