Neo, Geo, and the Cities in between.

The internet has fallen into consoomer culture. A majority of the content is now located on social media sites like Tweeter and Facebook.

They make it easy to express your thoughts and share questionable images. Ease of access is what everyone wants right?

But the service they provide is limited. It's flawed, and they're using your information for their own monetary gain. I say it's time people went back in time, to an internet of limitless user-created content rather than corporation controlled insanity.

Host your own website. I mean it. I believe everyone should have their own personal website, where they can really give their online persona a "face" that people will recognize, similar to the faces we all have in real life. They should give you a name, with your contact information or other links you may want to share. There are no limits to what you could make.

While typing the paragraphs above, I hated myself with every word I wrote. However, I do genuinely believe what I said. Repopulating the internet would do no harm whatsoever, and only give people more ways to express themselves.

Of course there are already personal websites all over the web, but not nearly enough. My favorite lot of them would probably be the Unofficial Lainchan Webring, I'm quite fond of their design choices and community as a whole.

Link to the webring

Webrings, another lost technology of the old internet, were used to interlink websites and provide discovery without the use of a serach engine. If looking at that grid of flashy banners doesn't excite you, there may be something wrong with you. A community of personalized, self hosted websites.

But what if you can't host them yourself? Thats where NeoCities comes in play. Named after the old and expired GeoCities, it provides 100% free static website hosting. The only thing you have to do is actually make the site. Feeling uninspired? Check out the top pages. Only limit is your imagination.

While on the subject of free hosting, I should mention pubnixes. A pubnix is a public unix/gnu/linux machine, shared among it's members. Each member gets their own home directory on the machine with access to multiple services usually consisting of email, pastebin, git, IRC, and of course static HTTP hosting. Most pubnixes have themes for their members to follow, to further inspire content.

These communities are often named after "tilde" (~) as there is a tilde before a member's username in their page name (i.e. example.tld/~owocean)

There is a large community of these tilde pubnixes on

Link to Tildeverse

I'm sure you must be BURSTING with excitement to make your own site, right? But where do you start?

You'll need to learn something called Markup. Specifically, the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). Don't worry! It's a lot easier than it sounds.

HTML is not a programming language, but instead acts like a layout or template. You can then use Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to give your page color and life.

W3Schools HTML Tutorial

Codecademy HTML Tutorial

Now you have NO EXCUSES not to make a website. Go do it now, there is no downside.

I'm not really sure how to end a blog post. Do I write something cheesy like "Until next time, friends" or do I insult the reader or something?


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