Feeling a bit Nage

After spending all day yesterday setting up a silly script to scrape tumblr and re-publish it on my own log, I've become dormant again.

Finding motivation to work on something is like finding a strand of hay in a needle stack. Instead I just talk to friends on discord while I blast Planning for Burial in my ears, and browse the internet looking for something to do.

Thats why I created Amphipod, a web crawler that finds obscure things for me.

Link to Amphipod's guthub repo

Amphipod is a Node.js (cringe) app that crawls on gopher, gemini, and http(s) while also supporting TOR hidden services. The content you find is slightly biased towards what you feed it to start with, but leave it running long enough and it'll find a broader range of topics.

Only problem is that I have nowhere to host it. I can only run it on my PC, with limited storage. It's a bit useless because of that, but perhaps one day I can find a server with enough storage for an affordable (free) price.

I've also been trying to force myself to work on this video game I've been making for a while now. Don't have a name for it yet, but it gets a lot of inspiration from YOURLOCALBREADMAN, ANDYLAND, and Baphomet Kun.

Some screenshots

It's an RPG, no real story yet, but you travel through these "liminal spaces" and encounter weirdcore-esque enemies to beat up.

moistcr1tikal voice "that's it. see ya."

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