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I know I shouldn't hold myself to a post schedule cus that's unhealthy, but yeesh all my posts are so far apart. Anyway, if you're reading this from Cohost, hi! The link to the full blog is in my bio. If you're reading this from my website or gemini capsule, wow. I'm astonished. If you're reading this from Tumblr, then someone is impersonating me because I am now using Cohost as the CMS for this log!

Lets see here.. last time I posted, I spoke about the radio thing. That was an utter failure! This tiny thing is super weak, and drains it's batteries in like an hour. Not worth it at all, definitely use a professional transmitter if you wanna host a radio station. As for the web radio, that one is still going strong. I fixed the bug that made it crash every few days.
While on the topic of radios, I also bought a Baofeng UV-5R+ dual-band transceiver. It's really cool! HOWEVER it seems that may have been a mistake, as none of the ham relays near me seem to be active? Or I just can't reach them. There's also no ham clubs in my city. The old one ended in 2016 when the president died. She was like 80. Yikes.

I'm reading through my posts on fedi to remember what's been going on, since I have trouble remembering anything past 3 hours ago. I started a collection of physical music. At the time of writing, this is what I have:

CDs (nuts):




I'm a big fan of music published by The Flenser, if you couldn't tell. When I first opened up the Unnatural World vinyl, I had a bit of a schoolgirl moment seeing that "A side" and "B side" were replaced with "It's in my nature" and "It gives me chills." It's a really minor detail, but it meant a lot to me. I also have a biiig collection of stuff on Bandcamp, which I plan to serve on my gemini capsule. Would be cool methinks. Also kinda worried about storage, because while FLACs still have compression, they are quite big.

I'm pretty sure I spoke about that Twinmail project before? I got myself to finally write a prototype server. It has issues, I can already tell. But I don't know what they are until I test it. We decided against using AES-CBC+ed448, and instead just using libsodium/NaCl since it's been ported to multiple languages AND is supposedly more secure than AES-CBC. I started making a CLI app for it called Orthrus, named after Cerberus's brother. A two-headed dog. Cus they're twins. Kinda. But I didn't finish it. A big wave of burnout took over.
Just now as I'm writing this, one of the folks I was working with decided to make their own version. It doesn't seem to have any encryption. Not sure how I feel about this, but I proposed to work together with them on it!

The post in question (http)

Remember FLC16? Well forget about it. It's called Batbox now. I remade it from scratch. Made it more realistic. It now uses the Fox32 CPU ISA. The emulator is like 99% complete, it just has a lot of bugs that I don't actually know about. I KNOW they're there, but I can't fix them because I haven't encountered them yet.

srht project for batbox

Batbox emulator playing Bad Apple!!

And to compliment batbox, I started working on a kind of metaprogramming language called Panko (my friend named it) that compiles to assembly. What kind? Any kind! I saw the opportunity to make a higher level language for MULTIPLE different fantasy consoles, and took it. It's not done though. I am really struggling with mental health as of late! But it will get there!
Everything in panko is a macro. Ideally, you'd import an external file containing a bunch of macros, and then just write your code. Those macros would contain tiny little snippets of platform specific assembly. The panko compiler also does a bit of optimization, like evaluating expressions such as "5+5" into just 10.

BUT WAIT THERES MORE. I've been teasing the idea of a trading & space exploration game over gemini for a while now. I started making it. It's got a really bad name right now, "SAGOG" which stands for Space Adventure Game Over Gemini. The entire universe is procedurally generated, using Simplex Noise peaks to mark the location of solar systems. The coordinates are used as a seed for a random name, and that name is used as a seed for the contents of the solar system. Each system has a star, random number of orbiting planets, and random number of asteroid belts. Players can jump between bodies in a solar system, refuelling at stations orbiting a planet, or outposts ON a planet. They can also go mining on asteroid belts, or refuel their ship using a solar scoop near the star. There are different missions a player can pick up at a station, but I haven't gotten to that part yet. There's even a stock market. Totally not copying Cruelty Squad. The main game is played over gemini of course, but theres also an interactive telnet starmap you can use to navigate the universe.

To cope with this constant burnout I'm having, I've been reading a lot of books. Some of those books are a little fruity. That got me a little inspired to write my OWN love story. So far, I have 3 paragraphs and they suck. But it's progress. Can't get anywhere if I keep deleting my work.
This is also my motivation for an album I started making. MAN I just keep starting things but never finishing them. It's like a curse. I wont say the name of the album or artist, cus it's supposed to be secret, but I thought that maybe I'd be able to make a deathdream album. A ton of inspiration comes from father2006. I do genuinely enjoy their music, and I figured it wouldn't be too hard to make something like that. Spoiler alert, it's still pretty hard. I got two songs done though. Just need a few more. Then I planned to release it with Underwater Computing on minidisc and/or cassette.

I still have no clue how to end these posts

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