Hello, Colossus!

I've decided to start a log. It's not a blog, or at least not just a blog. You see, I'm using tumblr as a CMS to create posts. These posts are collected by my server, and transformed into:

All three of these are served on both my website and gemini capsule. I can sleep sound at night knowing my content is organized and accessible from both tumblr users and niche software nerds, or just anyone.

Why though?

I'm not very responsible. I am often late on due dates and such. It would be good for me to practice logging my activities day after day.

After about a year of spewing nonsensical technology garbage into a personal, but public channel on a discord server, I've realized I can organize these thoughts and rants more clearly in a personal, but public log.

Link to Blog

Link to Gemlog

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