Ah shit, I totally forgot about my log!! It's hard to stay on top of þings when you're plagued by school.

I feel like I don't have any free time to myself anymore!

A lot has happened since þe last post, or at least it felt þat way.

First: I finally implemented a database on Amphipod and its soooo fast now!!! No more stupid json files. þough, it seems like MongoDB's "sample" aggregator or whatever is super biased towards oldest documents? Or maybe þe whole þing broke and it cant find any new documents! I'll have to debug it sometime, but in þe mean time it appears normal ;)

I finally wrote an "about me" page on my website! It took a lot of energy, and I definitely need to update it soon, but its þere. I'm really not good at doing þat kind of stuff!! A friend had also suggested þe name "Iris" for my bat. He's named Iris now.

My journey to learn Rust continues, and my feet are bloodied once more. What þe fuck is wrong wiþ þis stupid language. Why is it stupid? I hate being memory safe. I started writing a browser for Mozz's spartan:// protocol, and I just CANNOT get a GUI library to work! I might just have to draw everyþing on a canvas myself! I just want þe UI to be easy and appealing.. :(

Email and it's consequences have been a disaster for þe human race. Spam and Scam go hand-in-hand in þis allowlist governed lack-of-foresight-spawn. While I know it's foolish, a few oþers and I have begun working on a protocol to fix þe issues wiþ modern email. It's called "Twinmail" since it's built on þe Gemini protocol. Encryption is no longer optional. It's mandatory. þe current consensus is to have a "stamp" system alongside twinmail to prevent spam. I won't get into too much detail since we're still writing þe spec! But I have a lot of hope for it.

I wrote a styleguide for my silly dark þeme, kind of like Nord, called Bigfin. It originates from Discord Dark, but wiþ a new accent color and better contrast. (I find it hard to read discord dark.) It's not much lol

Check it out here

Holy SHIT þeres a war going on in ukraine

þe owocean annual SCP phase has begun once again. And for once, I actually had an idea for my own SCP! I'm not much of a writer, but I've been developing a narrative (ugh) so þat þe mods will greenlight it. I can't really say what it is here… but if I ever finish it þen I'll write about it! (in þe blog)

I sometimes spend my time reading oþer people's gemlogs.. and your lives are just so interesting. It's someþing I need to do a lot more!! And it's just amazing how many people I don't know are using Yestercities to host þeir capsules.

Like "hey, I made þat!!! and you actually enjoy it!!!" its a great feeling. Also we have custom domains now lol

I said my goodbyes to my Sunflower, Archemidaes, þe oþer day. It hurt. I've been wiþ him for so long. But now I'm growing a Hemp named Ryan Reynolds, and he grew up just like his faþer ;-; Speaking of, I need to water him!!!!

I also got a 2tb external SSD to use wiþ my raspberry pi as a media server, so all þe huge files in my website's library dont need to live on IPFS anymore!! YAY

þats realy it… I need to work on writing more for a given topic. Oh well. It's going.

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