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With winter break and all that, I've been feeling a little hollow! I felt like I had nothing to write about, but apparently thats not true at all. I've been working on a lot lately.

First thing, is I've been fixing and improving Yestercities. It now even has a file manager that works inside gemini! Your client just needs to support the titan protocol.

Second, I'm rewriting amphipod. It's old and broken, doesn't use a database, and doesnt even obey robots txt. It will be new and improved, and also index information about the site!

And last, a project I joined a while ago is finally kicking off. We're making an RPG! We have a ton of artists and musicians, but I'm on the programming team with one other person. Thats fine though, because it means I get to help out more!

The plan (right now) is to make a 2D isometric turn-based RPG that has a time limit like Minit or Ocarina of Time. I'm pretty excited for it! Though also a little bummed we're using gamemaker. If I got to choose, we'd be using LOVE2D ;p

School's been kicking my ass, can't keep up with my work. It's been getting in the way of the stuff I actually want to do, so everything's been moving along very slowly. HOWEVER I recently moved into a new living space by myself, and it's great. I can decorate however I want!

I deleted twitter from my phone. I personally think it was a great decision, and I feel a lot better not using it! I can still access it on the web if I need to see a friend's profile though. I've replaced it with Mastodon, since I at least want someplace to put my shitposts. Mastodon is awesome. I can talk with the entire fediverse, and theres no stupid "algorithm" showing me what it thinks I want, nor are there ads. It's fully decentralized too!

Jack Dorsey trying to reinvent the fediverse for his own profit

If you get an account, say hi to me !!

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