Time is a very difficult thing to pin down.

Where to begin? I'm not sureā€¦ These days are all blending together. I can't even have a normal, long blog post about a single topic. It's like I'm just microblogging in a single post. But, it's my blog and I get to decide what I write. Plus, any future posts could be properly written!

Yestercities is booming. There are a ton of users! I don't even know half of them! The other day I saw a post on fedi about someone's yesterweb capsule, and I had never met this person in my life. It felt great to have made something that total strangers are utilizing and enjoying.

I've attempted to join the lainch webring, though it seems none of the members have accepted me yet. Only time will tell.

My CPU is currently pushing itself to the limit, trying to create a vanity onion for seapunk (7 letters should take maybe 2 hours?) for you niche privacy schizos.

Still working on the amphipod rewrite, there isn't a lot of time to work nowadays with all this DAMN schoolwork. It's really draining, and it also makes me feel like I don't have any control over my own life. Really considering just dropping out, I feel that I'd be way better off without it.

I'm going to try some creative writing on my yestercities capsule. I've been told it helps to pretend that no one will read your writing, so it's okay if it's "cringe" and I suppose thats true for this blog too. If I found my writing online I'd be detested lol

My synapse server broke and the postgres database had a fucky wucky so I need to reset it. Goodbye old chats :( but I suppose it's a good lesson to keep my server up-to-date.

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